Hi, I’m Charlie and welcome to Burnessie, which I built ALL BY MYSELF on a laptop I wasn’t entirely sure how to work a mere two months ago. Just so you know I have no idea what I’m doing.

This pretty much started out because I had lots of random people asking me for tips on the different countries I’d visited, so I thought instead of sending a dozen emails, I’d just collate all the information for ease.

I’m currently on my second stint travelling around South East Asia, and will be building this blog as I go with information you may or may not find valuable (but, you know, hopefully do). I will also be working on First We Eat (which can be found under ‘food’), my food blog that has been somewhat dormant for far too long, but is now focus of my attentions in between the distractions of the azure seas I’m diving in, the white beaches I’m lying on and the jungles I’m trekking in. All of this whilst ticking off every backpacker cliche along the way and trying not to get malaria. I know, tough life, right? It’s ok, my friends hate me too.

When I’m not backpacking I spend my life in London drinking a totally normal amount of prosecco, wearing brightly coloured, too-high heels and debating the top five condiments you’d take to a desert island in Soho boozers. It’s quite an existence.

If you’re planning a holiday or a stint travelling, I hope the information on Burnessie helps in some way. If not you can shout at me over on Twitter, where I spend an embarrassing amount of time trying to defend the fact I now have a toe ring.