Australia. Pretty much everyone has fantastised about exploring Australia. Long stretches of impressive beaches, the red dust of the outback set against the bluest of skies, mountains, wine country, kangaroos, the Great Barrier Reef – Australia has a diverse array of things to do and places to see, places that are unique to this country the size of Europe, so very far away.

It’s the holiday of a lifetime, the ultimate backpacker destination. There is a truly vast amount of land to cover, and there’s something for everyone. I have collectively spent half a year in the land down under, and although I have seen a LOT of this huge country in that time, only a few places have I been able to get to know relatively well. Which is the perfect excuse to be coming back for years to come. You know, not too often though, I don’t like the dozens of friends who have emigrated there searching for a better quality of life in the sunshine that much.


Country dialling code: +61

Currency: Australian Dollar

Plug: Australian (two slanted flat pins)

Tap Water: Drinkable from the taps

ATMs: Readily available. NAB (possibly amongst others) do not charge to withdraw.


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